Vision, Mission & Core Values


To be among the best financial intermediaries capable of providing good financial services and ensuring good and higher standard of living of the people in the catchment area.


To provide efficient and effective services through mobilization of funds to strengthen the capital base of the bank, ensure efficient banking services to all clients and good returns to shareholders, other stakeholders through strong network with well trained and motivated staff.


  1. Quality customer service is our goal.
  2. Identifying and financing start up businesses is our aim.
  3. Recovering all our overdue loans so as to reduce the provision of bad debts is our ambition.
  4. Upgrading our human resource personnel is our goal.
  5. The customer is the purpose of our work.
  6. Reduction of poverty within our catchment area is our concern.
  7. Maintaining our image and dignity through honesty and integrity.
  8. Staff satisfaction and efficiency is our priority.
  9. Maximization of shareholders returns is our motive.
  10. Ensuring brotherliness and harmonious relationship between the Bank and its clientele in it’s environ.
  11. Ensuring a reasonable level of profitability is our priority.