Corporate Information

Kwahu Praso Rural Bank Ltd is one of the reputable rural banks in the eastern region of Ghana. It was established and incorporated in 1982 to do the business of banking.

The bank currently operates in four (4) political districts in the eastern region with a network of 6 connected branches and two mobilization centres.

The bank’s Board of Directors as presently constituted is made up of 6 highly dedicated development-oriented persons of diverse background.

The bank boasts of committed and experienced management team and staff of 105, that provide a wide range of services that makes Banking easier and more convenient.

Our Vision is: To be among the best financial intermediaries capable of providing good financial services and ensuring good and higher standard of living of the people in the catchment area.

Our Mission is: To provide efficient and effective services through mobilization of funds to strengthen the capital base of the bank, ensure efficient banking services to all clients and good returns to shareholders, other stakeholders through strong network with well trained and motivated staff.

The bank aspires to be among the leading Rural Banks in Ghana, meeting stakeholders’ expectations. We strengthens stakeholder relationship by promoting the right solutions that combine technologies, expertise and financial strength. We also create customer loyalty, shareholders value and employees satisfaction.

The establishment of the bank hinges on the following broad based objectives;

  1. Deposit mobilization
  2. Credit delivery
  3. Human resource development
  4. Profitability and growth
  5. Maximization of shareholders investment
  6. Customer care and satisfaction
  7. Effectiveness and efficiency
  8. Social responsibilities