Abrabopa Account


This Account has all the benefits of savings accounts along with full transactional convenience. It allows you to save for a big target property like a plot of land, building and other life properties.

It gives you a complete convenience and financial package to access your money with ease. This is a traditional savings account that essentially helps you earn interest on your investment.


  1. This account helps you to contribute or save more than enough towards your retirement and gives you the privilege to retire early if you want to. This savings support positive changes and enables you to plan for financing a home, retirement, and vacations.
  2. If you have some savings in your bank account, you will be able to manage the unforeseen expenses much more prudently. It is always better to be prepared for tomorrow.
  3. Building and maintain a high credit score, earns you the chance to access loans with lower interest rates.
  4. Helps you to make large purchases without stress
  5. Better Retirement
  6. Avoid Debt
  7. Building an emergency safety net
  8. Creating rainy day funds
  9. Planning for retirement freedom
  10. Building wealth for future expenses
  11. Experiencing financial security
  12. Meeting life goals
  13. Developing your skills and education

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